Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Note The Key Words

This past weekend I went down to Ocean City, MD to visit some friends and missed my first Saturday team run. Not to fret- all you readers (aka meg flan the sole reader of this blog) I didn't let that stop me. I woke up early Friday morning (on my day off nontheless) and went for a "nice 5 mile run" on the trail from Cedar Creek Park to Jones Beach.

I say "nice 5 mile run" in quotation marks because lets be honest, how nice can a 5 mile run actually be? It's one of those watchamacallits...unbiased opinion, pretty ugly, seriously funny...oxymorons. Sorry, I had a mental lapse. Must have been a result of my run and the lack of oxegen to the brain that came with it. Or maybe I'm still recovering from the weekend...

In all seriousness though, my run wasn't that bad. That being the key word of course. I did miss running with the team, but I suffered through the entire 5 miles in just over 50 minutes (51.55 to be exact). I don't know where this 10 minute mile pace comes from, but hey I'm not complaining! Well...I am when I'm doing it..but...you get what I mean. Running with somebody really helps and the past 2 weeks I have been running with this lady Susan, who is also my mentor. Team In Training gives everybody a mentor, somebody who has already participated in a TNT event before, who is there to answer any questions we might have. That is if we had questions that couldn't be answered by one of the coaches, fundraising coaches, or other 8 million resources we have. It's seriously crazy how much support the program provides for us.

Even with all the support, its still a lot of hard work and very time consuming...and we are only in week 5! Only being the key word here. I can't believe we are already in week 5..I feel like we just started and the coaches are saying we are still in the beginning, but wow! 5 whole weeks of running everyday. Go me!

Yesturday and today I had 3 miles. Word to the wise: Going out for a drink with co-worker before running 3 miles isn't the smartest idea in the world...especially after taking 2 days off. Anyways, I did my 3 yesturday after work (and possibly a drink with forementioned co-worker) and got in early this morning and did my run. I'm still not sure what time of day I like running the best, as they all have definate advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Morning Runs- I like because I get it over with. I like running in the city and the streets aren't too crowded. It's not very hot out. I don't like because I have to wake up extra early and the day drags on for-ev-er(should be said in the same tone as Squints in The Sandlot).

  2. Running during my lunch break- I reason that I'm getting paid to run, as I get paid for lunch. I don't waste time either before or after work. I don't like because I have to change in the middle of the day/run/shower/change and go back to work.

  3. Evening Runs- I like because I don't have to wake up early or run during my lunch break. I don't like because it ruins any attempt of being productive after work and I sike myself out to much, dreading it all day.

I find it more enjoyable to run in the city, and because I have absolutely no sense of direction I have simply been running from the corner of 56th and 6th over to 5th and up to the Met (82nd)then back which is 3.03 miles. It's a nice run because it goes along side of Central Park and I don't have to worry about crossing too many streets. Thursday we increase our daily mileage to 4, which I'm starting to get a little nervous about. Okay, maybe not a little...a lot. Okay, now I just need to decide where and when to do this four miles...oh yeah and raise four grand.

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