Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who Says I Have No Idea?

Next week I am signing up with Team in Training to run the Walt Disney World Marathon. For those of you who know me, you're not hallucinating- you did read that right. For those of you who don't, lets just say back in college I was not exactly what one would consider a marathoner, unless when you say marathon you really mean endless all nighters, keg stands and case races. If that were the case, I would probably already have a couple Olympic medals under my belt.

But, unfortunately for this recovering sorority girl, by marathon we are not talking about pounding down a 30 pack, we are talking about running 26.2 miles. Of course, I'm sure the two aren't all that different. Right now I think I'm at the same stage in my marathon training that I was back in high school when I snuck into the bar for the first time. (Oh remember the days of chalking your permit to be 18 to get into Boggarts!) Right now I don't exactly "enjoy" running, but I've heard that with time it grows on you. Hey, lets be honest, who actually "enjoyed" their first sip of Natty Light? For me, beer was an acquired taste and I must admit I have acquired quite the taste for it. Hopefully my running will have similar results. Actually going and signing up for Team In Training is a terrifying thought...almost as scary as the fear of being rejected in front of all my peers by the Boggarts bouncer for being underage. At least this time I can't get arrested.

I remember that night- being in the bar having no idea what I was doing. I probably looked just as awkward and uncoordinated as I do on the track. I had no idea what to order...there were so many options. Do I want beer or liquor? Draft or bottle? On the rocks or frozen? Actually I don't think I knew that many options and I ended up with a Long Island Ice Tea. Probably not the smartest drink to start off with, but hey I guess a marathon isn't the easiest race to start with either! I don't remember the exact number of drinks I downed that night, but I'm guessing around three or four. The most I've run so far is three miles- after which I could barely stand, felt like I was going to throw up and was begging for some water to stop spinning. Good thing I have prom, graduation, my last summer home and all of college, not to mention a good five months of TNT to help get my tolerance up. Who ever said drinking wasn't a sport?