Friday, August 17, 2007

A Week In Review

Last night we had our Fundraising Seminar which gave a lot of ideas to help with fundraising. I have spent every night of this past week writing letters and addressing envelopes and am nowhere close to being done. I knew putting in the training was going to be difficult and time consuming, but I didn't expect the fundraising aspect to be so hard.

On a positive note, I have been keeping up with my training and haven't missed a day yet! I talked to one my college roommate last night, and like most of my friends, she still can't believe I'm doing this. I think they all thought it was a joke or something, but its not- I'm running a January (ahhhhh)! The thought of it is exciting and scary at the same point. I've never been a runner and still don't classify myself as one, but I'm slowly making the transition. Keyword there being slowly.

Monday was my last 2 mile run, which I completed while doing a 9 min mile pace. I was tired all day and procrastinated, so didn't go out until after work. (Note to self- I am not a fan of running after work.) I think about it to much and it almost gives me anxiety. Even though it was only two miles, the thought of having to go home and not be able to relax or have the evening free sucked. I would much rather wake up and get it over with. When I run in the am, it makes me feel good about myself. Bad part being I say "its okay, I ran today, I can eat that huge ice cream". I find myself saying that almost everyday... I think I'm gonna be the only person in the history of the world to get fat while training for a marathon. I'm serious..I justify every chocolate bar, blt, and ice cream on "oh, its okay, I'm training for a marathon".

Determined not to have a repeat of Monday's lousy feelings I went running during my lunch break. Tuesday's run had to be 3 miles. So, like the responsible, directionally challenged person I am, I mapped out a nice run through Central Park. I have run there before and always manage to veer off course somehow, all the while staying on some path or another and eventually ending up back where I started. Well, that was the truth- at least until Tuesday. I finally figured out the right place to turn around a mile in..which I did fine. Then I was just supposed to follow that street along and I don't know how, but I ended up in the middle of nowhere. I was no longer on the road, no longer could see anybody, and was surrounded by wildlife. Not like deer or bears or anything, but squirrels and chipmunks and birds. Nontheless, I was not happy, I was tired, and I was lost. But I still kept running. To make a long story short, I spent most of my run lost in the woods of central park, but I do think I managed to find almost every hill there. Sweet life. I got back to the gym and when I checked my ipod, I saw I ran for 40 minutes without stopping! Whooo who!

Wednesday is cross training and I decided to bike, lift and do abs. Pretty uneventful.

Thursday was a pretty exciting day. My friend called me and invited me to a party in the Hamptons on Saturday night to celebrate Boulevard Magazine's upcoming issue. Of course I had plans- but come on, we're talking VIP party in the Hamptons. Obviously I dropped all other plans and the search (well more like panic) of planning began. I still had to run, go to my fundraising meeting, and get a bunch of work at the office done. Not to mention, find the perfect outfit and a hotel for Saturday night. I decided a nice run up and down 5th Avenue would put me in the right mindset to mingle and party with people who are so obviously out of my leauge. I ran along 5th up to the Met and back to the gym which is just over 3 miles in 32 minutes. I don't know where I am getting this 10 min. pace from but hey, I'm not complaining. After the fundraising meeting I did a little unsuccessful shopping than came home, ate dinner real quick, and went to the pool to swim some laps.

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