Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And so it begins...

Well, I officially signed up with Team In Training last Wednesday. Unfortunately, I was unable to convince any of my Long Island friends to join me on this "journey" but I still have some hopes for my McD bias....(ahem Beth..Jessi...Nicole).

This past Saturday was our first "Group Training Session" and I think it went pretty well. On our training manual (yes, I have a strict manual that I have to follow everyday) it said we were running 2 miles. So of course I think to myself that 2 miles really isn't bad and I've been running 2+ everyday to start training (albeit on a flat treadmill with a fan blowing directly on me) so it would be okay if I go out on Friday night before my MORNING run on Sat. Good thing I kept it easy Fri because Sat was the most humid disgusting day ever. Oh, and just for good measure we did 3 miles with the first one being all up hill. Sweet life.

I ran with another girl and 2 guys all around my age. It was weird because I was in the front of the group and haha I have *never* been in the front of any type of run. I was pretty proud of myself being able to run with them for the most part. Eventually the other girl and myself fell behind into my more comfortable spot towards the middle/back of the pack (but not until the 2 mile mark so...) while the guys went ahead. While we were running, the four of us all talked about our running experience. Well, I guess I should say the three of them talked about their running experience and I just thought to myself "what the @#$@ did I get myself into"! The one guy Matt's goal is to finish the marathon in under 3 hours, the other guy Peter has ran a bunch of races before but mostly 5 and 10ks, and the girl Barbara has completed 2 half marathons and is training for her first full. So yeah, I felt a little out of my league but everybody keeps reassuring me that a lot of people start with no prior running experience. Everybody was really great helping each other out. I think I ended up finishing toward the middle-back of the pack. But for now, I don't really care...as long as I finish.

After we completed our run they had bagels and energy drinks for us. Then we had a shoe clinic to find the perfect sneakers for our feet. Not gonna lie, I can't remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes based on comfort with no regards to what they looked like. It was a whole new world to me and although I might not have the cutest pair of sneakers (def not my color) they are pretty comfortable. I guess when I'm running 26.2 miles comfort is more important than looks. (NOT to be misunderstood with any other time when style clearly outweighs the importance of comfort!)

Yesterday I went for a run during my lunch break with a plan of starting at my gym and running up and doing a loop in Central Park. I mapped out my required 2 miles and was ready to go...or so I thought. Of course I got lost in the park, didn't turn where I was supposed to and ended up on 72nd street. I ended up just running along the outside of the park down 5th Ave. and back to the gym on 56th. When I got back to work and mapped it out, the run equalled just over 2 miles. I attempted to do the same run this morning before work- just backwards (starting at the gym to 5th then finishing through the park and back to the gym) but ended up turning a little to soon. Whateve, "little miss directually challanged" still did the required 2 miles. Tomorrow we are scheduled to cross train which I'm pretty excited about because let's face it...I'm not a big fan of running.

I really need to start my fundraising and I'm more nervous about not being able to raise $3800 than actually completing the marathon. Please help and donate http://www.active.com/donate/tntliny/tntlinyCDummey as it goes to a really great cause...and come on who hasn't said "I would pay to see YOU run a mile"...well now you can..and I'm not just doing "a mile"...I'm doing 26.2!

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