Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Good News

First and foremost I need to thank everybody who already donated to my fundraising. The other day I procrastinated my run until after work and really didn't want to go. But when I got home, I was greeted by a very nice note and check for my fundraising. Beings that my goal was to be a quarter of the way done, and I hadn't received a single donation, that one was a major confidence booster. So I'd like to thank Lou and Beth Groia for being the first people to make a donation. :) That three mile training run didn't seem nearly as bad as I built it up to be.

Ahhh a three mile training run..those days are over and now my daily mileage is either four or five miles. Those numbers are very intimidating, but I know I can do it. Saturday morning we had our group run at Sunken Meadow at 6:55am. (Time I needed to leave my house- 6:15 Time I actually left my house- 6:25 Amount of time I spent lost on the way to the park- 3 minutes Time I spent lost on the way home from the park- 20 min...make sense??) At least I didn't get lost during the run...which I most definitely would have if I hadn't been running with Mentor Sue and another girl Kelly...who, fyi I convinced to switch from the half and run the full marathon. She was pretty much like if you can do it, than I must be able too. Hmmm...I dunno if I should find that insulting or not, but I'm happy to have another running partner who keeps the same pace as I do. Speaking of which, we did 6 miles including some major hills (Cardiac hill...the name alone is scary) in one hour and 5 minutes! That's like just over a 10 minute mile!! Susan suggested that we run a mile then walk a minute, starting with mile 1 to conserve energy and let me tell you it worked wonders!

Thursday's 4 mile run by myself was rough and I was exhausted when I was finished. During it I kept second guessing myself How I am going to run a f'n marathon if I can't run 4 f'n miles!?? Well, those walk breaks helped out so much and I felt like I could have done another 6! Well, maybe not another 6..but definitely another one or two.

Other good news...my friend Kate called me earlier today and expressed interest in joining the team! I think I might flip out (in a good way) if she does it! How fun would it be not only to be doing this for a great cause, but also to be doing it with a great friend?! She e-mailed the office today, so we'll find out if its not to late to sign up. (*hint hint if anybody else wants to join!)

Wow! I didn't realize all the good news I have to report! Well, anyway we had off from training yesterday (for labor day...haha I dunno why, but you don't have to tell me twice not to run!) so today starts week 6. We have a group run in Old Westbury at 7pm which is gonna be cutting it a little close because I don't get home from work until about 6:15-6:20, but that's alright, I'm actually looking forward to tonight's run....weird.

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