Friday, August 17, 2007

101 Things About Me

  1. I don’t make New Years Resolutions
  2. I make them on my birthday.
  3. I started that this year.
  4. I always said if I could be 1 age for my entire life I would be 23.
  5. I’m 23 right now
  6. And determined to make it the best year of my life.
  7. In January, I’m running a marathon
  8. The furthest I’ve ever run is 3.5 miles
  9. I hate running
  10. I used to get out of breath from walking up 4 flights of stairs.
  11. At that time I was also smoking 5 packs of cigarettes a week
  12. And drinking almost every day
  13. I quit smoking 326 days ago
  14. I still love to party
  15. I hate going to work hungover
  16. But I do it anyway
  17. I get paid to watch television.
  18. In elementary school I wasn’t allowed to watch tv during the week
  19. When my parents would leave the house my brothers and I would sneak in and watch.
  20. Then army crawl on the floor when my parents pulled into the driveway so they couldn’t see us leaving the tv room.
  21. I have one older and one younger brother
  22. And a dog
  23. Besides my own, I don’t really like animals.
  24. The other day I locked myself in my car because I saw a raccoon.
  25. I thought it was going to attack me.
  26. I am definitely not a country girl.
  27. I went to college in the country.
  28. I hated not being in an urban area.
  29. But loved college
  30. And wish I could go back
  31. I spend way to much time on facebook.
  32. I can’t complete a sentence without using the word “like” or saying “ya know”
  33. I don’t really wear makeup
  34. But I can’t go 2 weeks without a mani/pedi
  35. My biggest pet peeve is when people mix black and brown.
  36. I literally just go the chills thinking about it.
  37. My college roommate pointed out facts 32-35 to me.
  38. She’s my best friend
  39. We were randomly placed together freshman year
  40. There was also another girl
  41. We kicked her out after 1 month.
  42. She thought I hated the world.
  43. I didn’t…I just hated her.
  44. On average, I read a book a week.
  45. I still live with my parents
  46. I can’t wait to move out
  47. I want to live in Manhattan
  48. But will probably end up in Brooklyn or Queens.
  49. Besides Long Island, I’ve lived in Maryland, Deleware and Budapest, Hungary.
  50. I’m from the same town as Lindsay Lohan.
  51. People constantly say I look like her.
  52. I don’t get it.
  53. I have dirty blonde hair.
  54. I carry an umbrella and sunglasses with me everywhere I go
  55. My sunglasses always have to match black and brown too.
  56. I also always have my cell phone, i-pod, train pass, a book and pen
  57. I can’t wear closed toed shoes in the summer
  58. I’m not a big fan of them in the winter either.
  59. Everything hanging in my closet must face the same way.
  60. I have separate closets for tops and bottoms.
  61. They are in different rooms.
  62. Everything hangs in color order.
  63. My tops go from darkest to lightest.
  64. The bottoms from light to dark.
  65. My dresser is also color coordinated.
  66. I’m a very picky eater
  67. I’m not a vegetarian but don’t really eat meat.
  68. I love seafood
  69. I hate cheese.
  70. I can’t be in the same room as an open bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos.
  71. It will make me throw up.
  72. I love coke.
  73. But hate pepsi.
  74. When I was in second grade I got my tongue stuck to a pole.
  75. I hate the movie A Christmas Story.
  76. I can recite every line in the movie Newsies.
  77. I also know every song and dance.
  78. I’m tone deaf.
  79. Literally can not hear the beat…ask anyone.
  80. I have no sense of direction.
  81. I normally don’t realize I went the wrong way until I’m over a bridge.
  82. I’ve ended up in New Jersey when driving to the Hamptons.
  83. Growing up I wanted to be an astronaut.
  84. I’m deathly scared of heights.
  85. I hate walking up and down stairs, being on escalators, and walking in and out of elevators.
  86. I love the ocean.
  87. I love the New York Yankees.
  88. I have season tickets.
  89. Two words…bleacher creatures
  90. My goal is to visit all 7 continents.
  91. I’ve only hit 2 so far.
  92. I studied abroad in college.
  93. Freshman year was my favorite.
  94. I met my bff’s the first week of school.
  95. I am still best friends with all of them.
  96. Growing up I couldn’t sleep without my stuff animals- “lambie” and “teddy”
  97. I brought them to college.
  98. I lost “teddy” at a rest stop in Delaware in Jan ’04.
  99. I couldn’t sleep for weeks.
  100. I still miss my teddy bear.
  101. Growing up scares me.

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