Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Seas The Day

So this Sunday 7 of my friends and I participated in the Ocean To Sound Relay Race. It started on the south shore at Jones Beach and went 50 miles all around Long Island, ending on the north shore in Oyster Bay. For some reason, we thought this would be a "fun time". Yeah, I don't know...

We all spent Saturday relaxing, well I should really say stressing out, on the beach. It was the day before the race and we needed to find one more person to run because the team member who was supposed to run the hardest part of the race was injured. I don't know about you, but I don't know that many twenty somethings you can just call up and be like "hey wanna give up your Saturday night so you can wake up at the crack of dawn and run a 7 mile race with a bunch of people you don't know tomorrow?" Thankfully, one of my friends did know somebody crazy enough to do it, and problem #1 was solved.

So, we finally have enough people for the race but beings that it is a relay race, everybody starts off at a different location. So at about 11pm the night before the race we figured out a good system to get every member of the team at our respective starts, while still being there to cheer each other on.

To make a very long story short, I'm just going to skip ahead to my leg of the race. I ended up doing the 5th leg- 6.4 "mostly hilly" miles. Even though the race started at 8am, I didn't end up running until around noon when the sun was out in full force. Thinking I still had a good 5-10 minutes before my teammate would be there to pass me the baton, I was on the other side of the parking lot when I heard an official screaming my number. Ahhh my ipod's not set! My laces aren't tied tight enough! I didn't have enough time to flip out! Next thing I know I'm running up a huge hill trying to set my ipod to my play list and start my timer. Once I got all that figured out, I relaxed a little bit. Next thing I know I'm running and running and running and about to die as I look for the 1 mile marker so I can take my first walk break (Each mile along the course is marked). Next thing I know I look at my i-pod to see that I have been running for 18 f'n minutes. WTF! Colleen you need to pick it up you fat a$$! How the f are you so exhausted and you haven't even ran a f'n mile...oh wait why does that have a 2 on it? YOU IDIOT, you didn't see the first mile marker. Whew! Yessss..I get to walk now After I walked my much needed minute, I started to run again. Thank god Disney is flat because those hills really killed me. It was not an easy leg, and I did stop and walk after each mile (besides mile 1 because I couldn't find it), but only for a minute each, which is my marathon strategy also.

I finished in 1 hour and 3 minutes which is like a 9.55 mile...and I am perfectly happy with that time. After I was done running and rehydrated I felt good, but I'm not gonna lie...there were a couple times (okay the entire time)I wanted to run in the middle of the road and get hit by a car so I wouldn't have to run anymore. Don't worry...I didn't, I'm just saying the thought was there. Cool, Disney is quadruple the distance. Sweet Life.

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