Monday, September 10, 2007

Last Week

I didn't realize it's been almost a week since I last updated this, which I really want to try and start doing more often because...on three separate occasions people told me they are reading my blog. Weird, I thought my friend Meaghan was the only one reading it...and only because she was procrastinating at work. So, to the other three readers...welcome! haha im such a dork :)

I'm sure the anticipation has been killing you...Kate was able to join TNT and is now signed up to run the Disney Half Marathon! I'm so excited and we are already planning to stay in Disney for a couple days after our races for some much needed celebrating...and hopefully we'll make it on a ride or two.

So, last Tuesday we were supposed to have a group run...well I guess supposed to wouldn't be the right term because they had it...I just couldn't find it. So I ended up driving around Old Westbury for a good half hour before I decided that even if I did find the meeting place, the team would have already been gone, so I turned around and attempted to go home. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I didn't get home until 8: f'n 30 after ending up all over the island. Let's just say I was not a happy camper when I got home and still had to go on a 4 mile run. But I did it and felt great afterwards...although the "great" might be from the delicious grilled shrimp salad my parents picked me up for dinner.

On Wednesday Kate and I ran on the path from Cedar Creek Park down to Jones Beach. She did 2 miles and I did 4, so we did the first two together then I kept going. Then after my run I hit up the supermarket to pick up something for dinner. After spending a good half hour undecided I picked up some stir fry stuff and was on my way home. Me, being the idiot I am, decided I would make some rice and throw the stir fry on top of it. Did you know rice takes like 20 minutes to make??!!! WTF!? Haha I'm used to college and my 3 minute Uncle Ben's in the microwave. Well after I ate it was like 10 o'clock and I still had to get ready for work on Thursday and put together an outfit for a fashion show we were going to Thursday night...which I found out about on Wednesday. So long story short I didn't end up going to bed until after midnight.

Thursday I did Pilate's after work which I'm sure you can imagine was a sight to see. All five other people in the class were like masters...okay maybe not masters but at least they knew to take their shoes off before starting. I walk in and I can only imagine what these Pilate guru's are thinking when they see me rolling and falling all over my mat. I can only compare my experience that afternoon to the time when Jessi, Kelly and I went a drag show in Rehoboth Beach last summer. At first, we stood out like sore thumbs..beings we were the only females who were actually born female. But by the end of the night, we pretty much owned the place and were bff's with all the "girls"! Okay, it might be an exaggeration to say that at the end of pilates I felt as comfortable as I did at the end of the drag show night...but at pilates I only had some water to refresh me whereas at the drag show/bar, I had plenty of bahama mamas...

After my pilates escapade, I quickly showered and got ready for the High Life New York Fashion Show Party at Tavern on the Green. The night started off kindof awkward, but after a couple cocktails I relaxed a bit and started to have some fun. Rumor has it Derek Jeter stopped by, but I didn't see him so who knows. All in all it was a good night and I was home by 2...just enough time for a nice three and a half hour sleep before having to turn around and come right back into the city for work.

Friday's 5 mile run was probably the worst one I've had so far...and it wasn't because of my lack of sleep the night before, or the fact that I was giving up another Friday night to was because of my sheer stupidity. When I got home from work, instead of immediately just going out and getting the running over with I sat on my couch to unwind and watch tv...and eat half a box of Wheat Thins. Ummmm eating half a box of wheat thins is never a good idea, eating half a box of wheat thins and immediately running in hot and humid weather is NEVER EVER A GOOD IDEA! I felt like I was going to throw up about a mile into my run and the feeling never left. All I wanted to do was turn around, go home, and curl up in my bed. I don't know how, but I finished...even though I did manage to get my own neighborhood...going there and back. I got lost on the back part...Sweet life.

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