Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Catching up

Okay, okay I know I haven't written in forever, but I've been pretty busy. I mean...I am training for a marathon..which is, fyi- very time consuming. On top of the running, and lifting, and eating much more then I probably should be, and running some more, work has also picked up quite a bit in September.

As many of you know all the new shows (and returning) have started which means I get busy. Too bad I don't have time to watch them at night because you guessed it...I'm either running or fundraising or running and thinking about fundraising, or fundraising and thinking about running. Pretty much TNT rules my life. Even though I may sound like I'm bitching about it (which okay, maybe I am a little) I really am enjoying it.

This past Saturday I ran the furthest I've ever run before. Well, every Saturday I run the furthest I've ever run before..but this week it really hit me because I did 10 MILES!!!I am still pretty excited about it because...omg 10 miles is long. We ran at Sunken Meadow which means not only did I run 10 miles...I ran 10 miles of hills (which includes Cardiac Hill two times). Michael John was home from school this weekend and I dunno...he is one of those crazy people who find running fun and got really excited when I told him about it. I don't get it. If he wasn't a splitting image of my moms family, I'd think he was adopted...

Okay rewinding a little- we had our first "society social" a couple weeks ago. It was really great to see everybody in normal clothes and after they've had a cup of coffee...or in this case a pint of beer...or 2 or 3. I had a good time and got to know a lot of TNT'rs better, which also makes me more excited for the Disney after party!

I can't write enough good stuff about all my teammates. Not to get sappy or anything, but they are some really amazing people. Last night we had a run on the Long Beach boardwalk and despite the rain and the fact that I got lost (don't ask...I know I've been in LB every weekend all summer) I had a great time...well minus the getting lost and running part. One of the mentor's who is running the Marine Marathon at the end of October hosted the run and after we went out for some sushi. I was the only "newbie" there but still had a great time. These people are seriously the nicest people I have ever met...haha I don't know how I fit in with the group!

So of course I was asked the usual questions: So, you ran in college? No. Oh, cross country in high school? No. Wait, you hate running and now you're gonna do a marathon? Yup. Pretty much. Why don't you start with like a half? Okay, I'll tell you case you haven't picked up on the point that I hate running...I DON'T LIKE TO RUN. Pretty much, if I do a half I know I will never want to do it again...let alone do a full. So I figured, what the hell, I don't know what I'm getting myself into so I might as well just go ahead and do it all at once. Sweet Life.

To Be Continued...

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