Tuesday, December 11, 2007

13 miles is "semi long"????

Saturday was a "semi long" run. 13 miles at Sunken Meadow. Since when do I classify a 13 mile run as semi long?? Really Colleen? Really? Susan and I tackled those dreaded hills and finally at our last practice at Sunken Meadow discovered you can do a 3 mile loop and totally avoid both Snake and Cardiac Hills. Hmmmmm do you think the coaches strategically planned on waiting until now to share this information with us or do you think it was an ironic coincidence? I should also note that we got lost when attempting to run this new route and in turn, led 2 others on the wrong path. Guess that's what you get when you choose to follow me...

So during this "nice little 13 miles" Susan and Coach Dave started talking to me about being a mentor for the Long Island Marathon. Ummmm what?!! I don't know if its more crazy that they want me to be a mentor or that I'm considering it. I mean really, lets get through this one before we start up this crazy talk about another. Now, I'm not totally saying no to the idea- I'm just not saying yes either. I think practices start in February which would give me about two weeks off- which I need to take so A. my body will be able to recover from the severe beating it will encounter during the Marathon and B. so my body will be able to recover from the severe beating it will encounter during my first Friday Night Happy Hour in 5 months. But then again, I've already invested so much time, energy and money into getting in shape and looking good while doing so (minus the ugly sneakers and fanny pack of course) to not continue running. Buttttt- Friday Night Happy Hours are one of my favorite things ever. I've also heard that the Long Island Marathon kinda sucks. Apparently most of it is along the Wantagh Parkway and there are no spectators. That doesn't surprise me being its right near my house and I've never even heard about it until this year. I've also been talking to my college roommate and we might try and run a half marathon together. I mean I'm sure I can do 2 halves even if they are one weekend after the other as long as I train appropriately. Let's be serious- I've done AT LEAST a half marathon for the past 3/4 weeks in a row....Sweet Life.

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