Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Turkey Trots and Treadmills

Against my better judgment, I went out Wednesday night for a couple drinks (and by a couple I really mean about 8 too many vodka's with splashes of cranberry). At least I successfully managed to over tip the bartenders by 300%, get in a fight with the bouncer because I didn't want him to put a stupid "x" on my hand, sneak my underage brother into the bar, and have a heart to heart with Frank, the taxi driver on the way home. Although I'm not positive what time I actually got home, I know the sun wasn't up yet so at least I had that going for me before I had to run the 5 mile GC Turkey Trot.

Let's just say that those 5 miles weren't my proudest, but that's okay because I finished. My time was like 52 min, so that's like a 10 something mile pace and although I know I could have pushed myself more, I'm not about to get all bent out of shape about it either. I haven't worried about time before, so I don't know why I should worry about it now. My goal’s never been to finish Disney in under x amount of hours, it’s just to finish.

But then again, I think it's the competitor in me that is still worried about the time. Not so much for the marathon, that I will honestly be happy as long as I finish. But this 5 miler…I should have done better. Regardless of what I did Wednesday night.

Saturday's long run was 13 miles again. We've done 13 a couple of times now and I feel comfortable with the distance. Susan and I were actually talking about how we could have kept going at the end. I mean I know I could have kept going another mile or 2 or 3 but 6…ahhhh yeah I don’t know about that. And that’s exactly what I’m going to have to do next Saturday. Ahhhhhh 18 miles! That’s redic. Literally crazy. I’ve been stressing about it all week. Actually, that’s a lie…I’ve been stressing about it since August when I first got on this whole “wouldn’t it be fun to run a marathon” kick.

Yesterday I was scheduled to do 5 miles and because my weekday runs are longer and I can’t really do them during lunch, I am forced to run after work which means…the dreadmill. Gross. I mean I got a great workout in last night and did a random hill workout at a faster speed then normal because I wanted to really push myself yesterday. I think it was really me sub-consciencly punishing myself for a shitty performance at the Turkey Trot. I did the entire 5 miles of hills and only stopped to walk twice. Both times were after long sprints at the utmost incline…thus well deserved.

I have to work out during lunch today which means I wouldn’t be able to do my scheduled 6 miles, but I’m gonna make up for it with another pretty intense workout. Unfortunately coach Dennis was doing the mid-week coached run this morning at 6am and I wouldn’t have time to go to that and make my 7:02 train, but he explained the workout to me at our coached run on Saturday, so I’m gonna try and mimic it the best I can on the treadmill today. It’s actually nice out and me, being totally unprepared, didn’t bring anything to run outside in. Although it is nice out, I don’t think it would be that smart to simply wear shorts and a t-shirt outside and run…especially because I’m still trying to get over this cold that I’ve had for the past 3 weeks. Ahhh I’m getting mad at myself because this morning I even thought to myself “o, you should pack some warmer clothes to run outside in…just in case. But beings that I was running late (obviously…I don’t think there ever is a morning that I’m not running late…) I just threw a pair of shorts and a short sleeve shirt in my bag and ran out. So I guess its another day on the treadmill…but I guess that beats another hung-over morning running through the streets of Garden City. Sweet Life.


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